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Medical & Scientific Illustrations
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Medical & Scientific Illustration

An innovative concept that has developed into using 3D tools and computer graphics in presenting the most complex of animations and simulations of mechanical and medical activity and processes that would have been otherwise impossible. For such R & D where a prototype needs testing and development would be ineffective due to conditions of such drawbacks as time consummation and expenses. Surgeries and intricate biological anomalies through animated presentations. Testing of conducive nature could be derived through animated simulations. It is the solutions to both understand and study in development and innovative industrial contributions that will be predominantly dependent on presentations that would be developed using multi-media ideas.

A Sample of our 3D Medical & Scientific Illustrations:

Outsource3danimation - a 3D animation company located in Bangalore, India, with experience in creating 3D animations of Medical and Scientific Illustrations. For more information on our 3D Medical & Scientific Illustrations, please complete the online enquiry form, or send us an e-mail to

Outsource 3d Animation
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