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3D Visual Effects Animation
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3D Visual Effects & Animation

It is our passion that drives us to give a visual treat in creating dynamic animation and visual effects for a practical budget and schedule. Studying and implementing state-of-the-art software along with the utilization of the latest techniques in CGI, the team can fulfill the most ambitious of creative visions. Capable of handling any number of live action or computer generated elements with the background plate. Digital Optical effects might be used to place actors or sets against a different background. Animated effects that include the use of props, scenery, scale models, pyrotechnics and Atmospheric Effects: creating physical wind, rain, fog, snow, clouds etc. Making a car appear to drive by itself, or blowing up a building are examples of animated effects. Animated effects are often incorporated into set design and makeup. For example, a set may be built with break-away doors or walls to enhance a fight scene, or prosthetic makeup can be used to make an actor look like a monster.

A Sample of our 3D Visual Effects & Animation:

Outsource3danimation - a 3D animation company located in Bangalore, India, with vast experience in creating Visual Effects in 3D. For more information on our 3D Visual Effects & Animation, please complete the online enquiry form, or send us an e-mail to

Outsource 3d Animation
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